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February 12 Preview: “Meals on Wheels” Community Service, 11:00 AM St. Stephen Lutheran

Rotarians are set to deliver Meals on Wheels Monday, February 12.  All are welcome.  We will gather at 11:00 to pick up routes at St. Stephen Lutheran, Bloomington.  Please sign up through the Club Runner invite.  If you want to join only for the meal, our meal will begin around 12:15 with a short meeting […]

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February 19 Preview: “What Would Hazel Do?” Facilitator: Rotarian Jim McDonald

Once again it is our What Would Hazel Do? week.  Those of you who have recently received your $100 should be prepared to share with the club what you did with your dollars. Jim McDonald is preparing to give the next group of Rotarians their $100.  Each of you has received an email from Jim […]

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