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Meeting the medical needs of the small rural villages near the city of Varanasi, India, International Village Clinic was founded in September, 1999.

2/2014 Update from International Village Clinic
Abul Sharah sent this message from IVC in India: “Winter in this region of India is pretty cold by Indian standard (not by Minnesota standard). Every winter about 20 to 40 people die from cold weather in the 30 miles radius from where IVC’s project is located. For the 10th consecutive year, IVC distributed blankets to 60 poor folks. IVC would like to thank Bloom- ington Rotary and my personal thanks to Bloomington Rotarians for their steady, earnest support of our work in India. Best wishes to all of you for the New Year!”

Rotarian Dr. Abul Sharah’s dream, the clinic has been transformed since the addition of a new building housing a 12 bed hospital.

This year a partnership has formed between IVC and St. Olaf College. Medical students have the opportunity to spend their J Term month of January at the clinic, experiencing and assisting in the medical care of the community members. Abul’s guest, Bryan Henck, from St. Olaf, shared photos and stories of his experiences including working with the Mobile Clinic, playing cricket with the staff, and experiencing Indian home life and the celebration of the Muslim festival of Bacreet.

In 2005, the clinic treated 55,000+ patients; provided vaccination and nutrition for a whole year to 701 children; 151 pregnant women received prenatal care, nutrition and vaccination for the whole year; conducted 7 polio eradication drives in the outlying areas where 815 children were vaccinated; 62 tuberculosis patients received full course treatment (9 months); conducted eye clinics, cataract surgeries, gynecology clinics and health education seminars. These services are vital in this rural community.

International Village Clinic Partnership

In 2006, increased comfort and better diagnostic services are the plan with the completion of the clinic building construction (March) and its inaugural use of the two 6 bed wards (men’s and women’s in April, 2006). Prior to the building completion patients slept on the floor of the clinic and sometimes even outside on the ground.

Additional diagnostic equipment provided through our Rotary matching grant will include an x-ray and an ultrasound machine, the funding for which will be transferred soon. The best is yet to come as club members will be invited to participate in a mission trip to the clinic later this year. See President’s column for additional details.

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