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May 1 Preview: “Loaves & Fishes Community Service”


Its Mexican burrito night again for the local Loaves & Fishes community meal service at Creekside Center all purchased, prepared and served by Bloomington Noon Rotary Club members and friends. All volunteers are welcome. Sign up through your club-runner invite. Feel free to invite family and friends to join us.

We need all Rotarians to participate in some way for our Loaves & Fishes Service Project!
Be a shopper right after the club meeting and deliver the groceries to Creekside Center…
or, be an Iron Chef and do the heavy cooking;
or, help prepare the fruit and roll tacos.
You can also be a server.
Everyone is needed.
We begin at 1:30. Start food preparation around 2:00
Most volunteers are needed between 4:00 and 7:00 PM.
Family and friends may volunteer, too!
Sign up at the next meeting or on Club Runner.