Vocational Projects

Vocational Talks

Members would like to know more about you, your vocation, your family, and your interests. Your talk will help Club members recall your name when they see you.

You will have their attention and they want to know more about your specific business or profession. One of the objects of Rotary is the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society. This will help members learn about your mutual interests and will build goodwill and better friendships.

Suggestions for what to include in Classification Information

Here are some specific suggestions about what to include.

  • Information about your profession or vocation – what you do; why or how did you got into this vocation and who inspired you. This is a primary object of Rotary membership. (Please do not make this talk a sales pitch for your specific company or firm.)
  • What brought you to this area, if you were not born here.
  • Your family – If applicable, your spouse’ s name, where you met, how long you’ve been married, number of children and ages, etc.
  • Your hobbies and special interests. This will help others learn about your mutual interests and lead to better friendships. It also will give some indication of the areas of service in which you are interested.
  • Other Rotary Clubs to which you have belonged, if any.
  • Anything else you want Club members to know about you, your family and your interests.
  • Meeting time is limited and precious, so your talk should be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes!

When to Schedule Your Classification Talk

If you haven’t given a classification talk since you were inducted, don’t wait for the call – start preparing it now. Also, don’t be reluctant to tell us that you are ready. Contact your Club President to get on the Agenda. We will work to fit you into the schedule as soon as possible